6 Mill Drive, Heatley QLD 4814, Australia


Street Address: 6 Mill Drive, Heatley QLD 4814
Postal Address: PO Box 4008, Vincent QLD 4814

Telephone:   07 4779 2434
Email Address: office@ascensionanglican.org.au

Website: http://ascensionanglican.org.au/ 
Facebook: Ascension anglican 

The Ministry Unit includes the worshipping communities of The Church of the Ascension (Heatley), St. James Village (Heatley), Masonic Care Queensland Kirwan and The Good Shepherd Community (Rasmussen).

Church of the Ascension (Heatley) - 6 Mill Drive,Heatley 4814
St James Village (Heatley) - 260 Fulham Road,Heatley 4814
Regis Aged Care Kirwan - 1 Emerald Street,Kirwan 4817
The Good Shepherd Community - 65 Allambie Lane,Rasmussen 4815


Rector: The Reverend Canon John McKim

Service Times:

Sunday: 8.00am Ascension Heatley
Monday: 9.30am Regis Aged Care Kirwan
Thursday: 9.30am St James Village
Thursday:  11.00am Parklands Residential Care


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Meetings & Parish Activities


For details of parish activities and meetings listed below please contact the parish directly or visit their website.

  • Little Fishes Play Group at the Ascension Hall
  • Ecumenical Prayer meeting at the Church of the Ascension (during term time)
  • Several Bible Study Groups that meet locally during the week
  • Mother's Union meetings
  • Parish Prayer meetings
  • Pastoral Carers meeting
  • Religious Education classes are supported in the local State Primary Schools.

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6 Mill Drive, Heatley QLD 4814, Australia

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Phone:(07) 4771 4175


Office Address:
St. James Place
155 Denham St


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